About Us

Wichita Mountains Prevention Network is a non-profit substance abuse prevention agency.  Founded in 1989, we are governed by a board of directors, led by an executive director, and staffed by teams in our Lawton and Ardmore offices.  Currently we receive two grants from the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS): the Regional Prevention Coordinator (RPC) block grant and the Parnterships for Success (PFS) grants.  These grants1 fuel our efforts to provide basic prevention services to RPC Regions 10 and 11.  They also help us achieve the following, more specific outcomes:

Region 10

  • Reduce prescription drug use in Bryan County-PFS
  • Reduce underage drinking in Carter County-RPC
  • Reduce prescription drug abuse in Carter County-PFS

Region 11

  • Reduce underage drinking in Comanche County-RPC
  • Reduce prescription drug abuse in Stephens County-PFS

More on RPC Block Grants & Partnerships for Success Grants

For administrative purposes the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services has divided the state into seventeen regions.  Each region receives an RPC block grant and may or may not recieve a PFS grant.  RPC block grants cover multiple counties (all the counties within a region) while PFSs cover a single county.  To see which region your county belongs to, which agency supplies your region’s grant services, and whether your county is receiving a PFS services, take a look at the map below.  You can also visit ODMHSAS’s RPC locator.


rpc network map 2013-04-08 first page only

A larger version of this map, complete with contact information for each RPC, is also available.


1. These grants are provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration through ODMHSAS and the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, respectively.
*Indicates SPF SIG priorities.  All other priorities are RPC.