Alcohol Compliance Checks

Program Description

Alcohol Compliance Checks (ACCs) is a prevention program designed to reduce the number of retailers who sell alcohol to youth under the age of 21.  When covered by the media, ACCs also reduce the perceived availability of alcohol and promote healthy community norms about its sale and consumption.

During an ACC teams of adults, law enforcement officers, and underage youth visit retail establishments where alcohol is sold (convenience stores, grocery stores, liquor stores, restaurants, and bars).  At these establishments the youth attempt to purchase alcohol.  Retailers who sell are subject to administrative and criminal penalties.

WMPN’s Role

WMPN schedules ACCs, recruit youth volunteers, and coordinates law enforcement cooperation.  WMPN also arranges media coverage of the results.

Additional Information

If you or your minor child would like to serve as an ACC youth volunteer, please see the documents below to learn more.

          Frequently Asked Questions
          Volunteer Application
          Consent for Youth Participation and Travel
          ABLE Parental Release
          ABLE Release