Oklahoma Prevention Needs Assessment

The Oklahoma Prevention Needs Assessment (OPNA) is a statewide student survey regarding risk and protective factors.  (Risk and protective factors are attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors which research has shown to be highly correlated with behavioral health problems such as substance abuse.)  The OPNA is sponsored in even-numbered years by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services in cooperation with the State Departments of Education and Health.  6th-, 8th-, 10th-, and 12th-grade students comprise the survey base, and they are drawn from participating public, private, and charter schools.  Both school and student participation is voluntary.  Parent permission is a prerequisite to student participation.

The OPNA has proven a vital source of information for prevention providers.  Because OPNA reports can be generated by region, county, zip code, school district, or by individual school (a capability no other Oklahoma survey offers), they allow concerned parties to tailor their prevention efforts to the needs of specific populations; to see how existing efforts are working; and to allocate resources responsively.  The OPNA also helps ensure that the state and participating regions and counties maintain important prevention funding, and that agencies engaging in competitive fund processes (e.g., grant writing) have access to needed data.

For additional information, see the OPNA page of the ODMHSAS website, the 2012 Project Information Sheet, or a proof copy of the 2012 OPNA.  Results of the OPNA in various geographic areas and in various years can be found below.

Selected OPNA Reports

  • Oklahoma - 2010
  • Region 10 - 2012
    • Bryan County - 2012
    • Carter County - 2012
    • Garvin County - 2012
    • Johnston County - Not available.*
    • Love County - 2012
    • Marshall County - Not available.*
    • Murray County - Not available.*
    • Pontotoc County - 2012
  • Region 11 - 2012

WMPN’s Role

WMPN coordinates the OPNA in all the school districts within Regions 10 and 11.  Specifically staff members recruit superintendents to participate and then assist their designees (termed “district coordinators”) in planning, administering, and returning the survey.


* Reports for this county may be unavailable either because it does not exist (i.e., too few school districts within the county participated in the OPNA survey) or because WMPN does not currently have the report on file. Interested parties wishing to obtain reports that WMPN does not have on file may submit a request to the entity in charge of the OPNA, the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.