Youth Trainings

WMPN conducts at least two trainings per year in each of its regions.*  These trainings are intended to fulfill dual purposes: first, to build capacity within the prevention community (i.e., to get more people involved in our prevention efforts) and second, to ensure that local prevention efforts are sustainable well into the future.  To stay in line with these goals, trainings are generally offered to youth groups with whom WMPN has a memorandum of understanding (a formalized ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship) rather than as one-time educational experiences.

Recent trainings have centered around what preventionists do.  Specifically they have described (in developmentally appropriate terms) the Strategic Prevention Framework, risk and protective factors, the different types of prevention, and the public health model.  Trainings include fun activities such as a character case study and two interactive exercises.

* For clarification on our use of the word "region(s)" see our Definitions page.